Monday, June 8, 2009


This photo was taken from my yard of woods next to our main drive. Our farm has meadows, lawn with shrubs and fruit and flowering trees, woods, and a steep riverbank. I've lived here less than 3 years and haven't walked over most of it -- fear of ticks and two retired race horses that like to be left alone in their paddock area keeps me from some parts of the farm. But even a snapshot of these trees at the edge of the driveway can seem magical in the photo and even more so when transformed by paint onto canvas.

For wonderful paintings of trees, please visit Middle Street Gallery in Little Washington, VA. A friend, Barbara Heile, has a show there for a few weeks titled "My Vision is not 20/20". Her website is listed here on this blog: Happy Woman. We went to her opening on Saturday - her trees are realistic and abstracted both, with beautiful color notes all over. My favorite painting was of a white building without trees in the painting, only the tree shadow shapes ON the building. Gorgeous!


barbara heile said...

thanks karen, gosh, this is lovely too. i am loving looking at your work, having come in for the night from painting thick field grasses before they are mown.

barbara heile said...

ps...i think sizes would be useful to add to your blogs, if possible. absolutley not necessary.....and yet. i must say i make them BIG in my mind!!