Monday, September 17, 2012


This painting, titled Morning Mist, along with two other paintings, sold at the benefit dinner and silent auction for The Friends of Fort Liberte, a children's orphanage in Haiti. It was a lot of fun to sit and watch people bid on my paintings (two of them were live auction). Even better was to have the proceeds go to a most worthy cause.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Tonight three of my paintings will be presented at a benefit dinner and auction, to raise money for an orphanage in Haiti. This is one of them, titled Reflecting, or, Reflection. It was at my daughter's apartment for several years and I had forgotten about it. She redecorated and it came back to me. I hope it now goes to someone who will love the quiet somber beauty of this woman. More, even, I hope it will bring big bucks to go towards materials for the orphans. I know my limits and can't ever see myself working in Haiti, but I am glad to contribute in some small way.


Back a few years ago, posting a painting a day was the blogging fad. Haven't heard too much of people doing that, but thought for my personal goad, ur, goal, I would try to commit to posting new art once a week. Here is a drawing from two days ago. My neighbor has the most luscious, extravagant fig tree. She had plucked these, thinking I might want to draw or paint them. I did! I now want to ask her for some more, to arrange in various settings for a photo shoot, to become the basis of paintings.