Saturday, June 13, 2009

red tail hawk

This is a red-tailed hawk, painted on 33 x 33 board for a sign for our farm which my husband named "Hawksfeather Farm" many years ago. You might notice my website's name: Fawkesfeather, which of course rhymes with the farm name. My kids and I are Harry Potter fans (Dumbledore's phoenix is named Fawkes) and I used to call my studio Phoenix Feather years before I moved out here. Fawkesfeather Studio seemed like a nice synthesis! On the back of this sign, I painted a large feather. People arriving will see the hawk and leaving will see the feather. We are planning to place it well into the property as farm signs are endangered around here. No matter how well they are chained onto signposts, people will find ways to steal them. I hope this one will last for years.

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