Tuesday, June 30, 2009

on the Greenbrier Trail

OK, here is the painting, step 2. It may be finished, I may tweak it some more.

Yesterday, I wanted to work on this, but did not have any ultramarine blue or cadmium yellow light. Goldilocks came to mind when I first went to the hobby shop in town where I can purchase relatively cheap oil paint - they were closed. On to the "real" art supply store in the historic district where I nearly fainted at the price on the tubes: ultramarine blue - $14.50, cadmium yellow pale - $34.50! I wanted something in between, the price just right.

Came home and dug around in my squirrel pile of old tubes and found nearly squeezed out tubes of both colors. Enough to finish the painting! God provides.


Patty said...

This is so lovely it makes me want to come visit you!

barbara heile said...

oh, my goodness, karen,
i am so glad you gave me this link to see your current work. it is just beyond words for me. barbara

Shelby said...

gorgeous! :)

maybe you should look into buying certain colors of paint online? I bet you could get them cheap on the plaza, dick blick, or pearl websites...