Wednesday, November 11, 2009

more pear trees

A small painting, 8 x 10, again of the Bradford pear trees that guard our driveway entrance/exit. I love this view of the path winding into the trees - this is the fourth painting I've done so far of this image. I used my palette knife (really green and clean, no solvent involved) and instead of canvas, this is linen adhered to board. I found these at the Pratt art supply store - the only place I know that sells them. I'm checking into Pearl Paint and online art stores - such a wonderful surface to glide paint onto with a knife! The downside is finding frames to fit them - they are exactly cut to measure and have no excess to fit into frames - they fall out of the hole! But the manufacturer carves holes into the back so that they are easy to hang onto a nail or screw in the wall. I like to keep costs low for buyers - paintings are way cheaper without frames provided by me. Keep that in mind!

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