Wednesday, August 19, 2009


In Michigan, the summer season is short, but the summer days are long. July and August flowers have extra sunlight each day and the hollyhocks there are enormous! I did this painting two years ago at a painting workshop. While I was working on it, another painter came by and loved this so much that she asked me to name my price and she'd pay it for the painting, right then and there. Flattering, and probably profitable!, but I liked this painting, too, and didn't want to part with it.

While we were on our trip to the Great Lakes State, we visited Macinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw). While biking around (there are no cars allowed there - only horses and bikes besides feet for transport) we stopped to buy fudge at a local hotel/gallery/fudge shop. The owner/artist had decorated each ceiling beam with quotes about art and life. Some I had read before, but one was new to me, although the thought was my own. In fact, after the workshop mentioned in the paragraph above, I drove home with a friend who had taken the poetry classes at the same time. We talked of all sorts of things that new friends do as well as about art, poetry, and religion (the workshop was sponsored by the Episcopal Church). I told her of my yearning for painting in eternity - she said she was SURE painting and writing and gardening would be work for us to do in the kingdom of heaven. Here is the quote, attributed to the painter Corot: I hope with all my heart that there will be painting in heaven.

And hollyhocks!


Laura said...

Love that painting!

Jules said...

This one is gorgeous...a favorite of mine as well!