Sunday, August 23, 2009

4 paintings a day!

A year or so ago it was an internet sensation to post a painting a day on various art sites. This activity promoted a following among buyers. So far I'm not selling anything online from this blog, but I liked the idea of trying to paint more often and keep to the challenge of a painting every few days, at least. Yesterday I made up for some lost time and painted four paintings. Granted, they are small, only 4 x 6 inches, but I had fun churning them out.

Here is painting Number 1, I call it American Field, as I forget where in the USA this image came from - West Virginia? Virginia? Ohio? Michigan? Somewhere I snapped the photo on our travels in the past few weeks. There is no specific area of "interest"; I enjoyed swooping on the oil paint with the palette knife and playing with the colors: white mixed with sap green, cadmium yellow light, ultramarine blue, and cadmium red medium. There is some alizarin crimson mixed into the darks as well. My composition is bands of color across the horizon to suggest sky, treeline, and field grounds. The other three paintings are soon to be posted, be sure to check back soon.

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Laura said...

That texture is so great--makes me want to touch it!