Thursday, September 23, 2010


This painting, Bluemont Vineyard, won third place at the 2010 Gala Exhibition Juried Art Show in Elkins, West Virginia, last week. Even better than the ribbon was the nice check that went with the award!

I did few paintings the past few months - gardening with heirloom seeds and getting inspired by local organic farms kept me busy outside, then a desire to have serenity in the house spurred me on to organizing and purging stuff, and finally, teaching duties started again several weeks ago. But, but, but, all the while I have been letting ideas simmer on a back burner of the mind, absorbing views outside, musing on the main theme of my work, which boils down to light. I have sketches and photos and blank canvases, and now, after the excitement of participating in an art walk in Orange, and attending two receptions for art shows and gathering even more inspiration from other artists' works, I am ready to paint.

I look forward to sharing here soon, and often!

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Laura said...

Wahoo!! Congratulations!