Monday, April 19, 2010

Blackbirds Rising

Second photo is the entire image of the painting, first photo is a bit zoomed in.

I have been doubtful about this painting from the time I selected the image from my photos to even now, trying to capture it digitally. I had doubts while painting it and have reworked the field and trees twice.

However, I have had rave comments from people visiting my studio and seeing this painting "in real life". "My Favorite!" says one person. "I love it!" says another.

It may be speaking to people who see this scene frequently - birds suddenly spooked or moved by the spirit wind to rise up from feasting on leavings in the harvested cornfields. They rise as many entities then become one as they change direction and move up and away into the sky.

Video captures images today; it not the medium of my generation. I'm still painting one image at a time, frozen, no different than an Impressionist, a Medievalist, or even a Matisse. This idea might be better served by video or even storyboarding.

Still, maybe in one painting I have captured the blackbirds rising.


Laura said...

This painting is REMARKABLE. I gasped!

shelby arnold said...

I love this painting too, but I didn't see it at your house!