Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Fourth little painting - I got around to actually measuring them and they are 5 x 7 inches, not 4 x 6! This is another pathway, and an area of our farm that I've painted many times. I love these Bradford pear trees that flank the driveway entrance/exit.

I hope to get back to painting soon. My oldest is getting married in less than three weeks, it's fall planting time (perennials only now, I've given up on the idea of fall produce), and I start teaching my fall/winter art classes next week, and did I mention wedding?

Also - a bit about some websites I've listed: zma3d is my son's animation demo site, check out his cool animations along with the intricate and elaborate pen and ink anatomy drawings also on this site. He needs, imo, some close-up views of those drawings, hopefully you can see his masterful and controlled strokes in the images. Popup Studio is a blog that my younger daughter contributes to along with two other pop-up art designers. They all work for Robert Sabuda, who designs and constructs those amazing collector's pop-up books! I've listed his website as well - my daughter's hands are in many of the how-to photos.

Liz Saucier is my soon to be son-in-law's sister - her photography of children is the best I've seen. The other sites feature work of friends and acquaintances - be sure to visit! And thanks for visiting my little online gallery!


shelby arnold said...

wow! I never saw zach's pen and ink drawings and I'm really impressed!! They are amazing!

You can look at bigger versions of the drawings on his site if you click on the little images.

Karen said...

yeah, but they are still too small to see the pen strokes. You have to see these drawings in real life, maybe.

Priscilla Treacy said...

I really love this painting, Karen.
The impasto is beautiful, and lends so much to the painting. You have quite a few really wonderful paintings on this blog. I can see you've been hard at work. Congratulations! Great work!
Take care.
Happy painting!