Friday, May 8, 2009

Potamac River Woodland

I photographed this scene in 2002 at a friend's farm on the Potomac. The day was misty and wet, with subdued colors. Painting the scene, I played up the colors from their gray tones. I was influenced by Wolf Kahn's lovely ethereal pastels of trees but used thick paint and a palette knife to build texture, scratch off paint, and spread more paint like icing on cake. I wanted to "feel" the scratchy twigs and rough bark, but I wanted to "see" the ghostly trees seen through a misty haze. Whether I was fully successful, I don't know, but I like the final image.

This particular area was the scene of a battle with Mosby's Rangers. The owner of the farm reports stories of hauntings in his old house. The farm itself is occasionally "haunted" by Mosby fans who trek to all the Mosby sites in our area. In the town nearest to me, the resting place of Mosby (in life and death), he is not seen as such a hero as he made lots of money after the Civil War in business with the carpetbaggers! Old southern resentments last long!

This painting is one of five on view and for sale at The Stable in Bluemont this weekend.

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barbara heile said...

i like this one too