Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sol LeWitt project

LeWitt is famous for conceptual art, writing instructions for other artists to construct. For my teen art class, I gave them his Drawing No. 46: vertical lines, not straight, not touching, evenly covering the wall. I adapted it to "evenly covering the page" and gave them each paper 11 x 18, and a no. 2 pencil.

This was a great project! They immediately wanted to collaborate and find a consensus of what LeWitt meant. This could have been a possibility to allow, but I wanted to see what each person would come up with on their own, so I asked them to mull their questions over to themselves and not talk with each other. Two pairs of drawings (done on separate tables) were similar, others had a different "take" on the instructions. Only one person's drawings obviously broke the rules - his lines curved back on themselves and touched.

I have not seen Drawing No. 46! I hope to find an example someday soon.

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